I met this dog 2 minutes ago and already we’re best friends

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"Very important. General rule for English speakers - if you don’t do it in the human context, don’t do it in the nonhuman context.

Just make a little effort to say “she or he” or “her or him” if you don’t know the sex. It’s a little effort with a very important social message.

Nonhuman animals are *persons*, not *things*. Therefore, we should refer to a nonhuman animal as a “she” or “he,” never as an “it.””



Fuck, I refer to humans as “it”s

This shit just drives me nuts. Non-human animals don’t understand gender pronouns. They don’t have the mental capacity for it. In fact, they don’t understand human language. Some animals can be trained or learn over a period of time to recognize a small range of words or voice intonations, but they will never understand, appreciate, or be offended by the concept of gender. It does not exist in the animal world. Animals act on instinct. They act on programming. They have no contemplation on what their gender is. They may be attracted to a member of its species of the same or opposite sex depending on the animal’s programming, but the animal has no concept of gender in and of itself. AND IT CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE FUCK THE WORDS “HE” “SHE” “HIM” “HER” “IT” “CUNT” or “DOUCHEBAG” MEAN. I have worked with and cared for animals professionally. Also, I understand fucking science and biology. So I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. You can show respect to animal, you can show love to an animal, but it is never going to have any regard negatively or positively whether you say, “Look at that dog in the window. Isn’t it cute?” or “Look at that dog in the window. Isn’t he or she cute?” The dog will not care. The dog will not be in therapy 3 years later going, “I know, but I just couldn’t stop crying that night. I ate 2 whole boxes of milk bones. I just couldn’t believe that human called me ‘it’ instead of identifying my proper gender pronoun!” They don’t work that way.

If you want to make a difference in the world with animals, make sure they are treated right. Make sure pets have homes and wild animals have wilderness that isn’t being destroyed by asshat humans. But the animals. Do not give. A single fuck. What gender. You call them.

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Subtlety isn’t Coalition Music’s strongpoint eh? Because between this and the Edge talking about an Edgefest announcement coming Tuesday, I can deduce that USS will be playing Edgefest this year OH my god.
I can’t freaking wait. Definitely will be tuning into the Edge on Tuesday morning, but man this is going to be epic. There is NO way I’m missing Edgefest this year.

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Statisticians are crystal clear on human variation. They know that not everyone is the same. When they speak about groups in general terms, they know that they are reducing N-dimensional reality to a 1-dimensional single parameter.


Nevertheless, statisticians permit, in their

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Hair mishaps are fun when you know that they’re just temporary. This was the colour of my whole head of hair yesterday. Tuesday I was playing around with some products I have trying to make a decent pastel/toner thing but wayyy overshot it on the pink lol.
If only I had guts enough to rock this all the time! It gradually turned to violet near the bottom for a gradient effect, it was so neat looking. But yea, I’m just not ready to sport such bright hair, and I really like being pastel and blonde most of the time.

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freshest-tittymilk: gdi, toronto…

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Can’t tell if the pain in my gut is heartburn or me being sad about stuff.
Both probably lol.

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Lavender Lemonade

4 tbsps (1/4 cup) culinary lavender*

2 cups boiling water

2/3 cup sugar

1 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice (about 8 lemons)

2 cups cold water

* Culinary lavender is lavender harvested for the purposes of cooking/eating. Please don’t buy the perfumed air-freshening kind because that is going to be utterly gross. Steep the lavender in 2 cups of boiling water for 15 minutes. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and discard the lavender. Place the lavender tea and the sugar in a small saucepan and set over high heat, stirring until the sugar dissolves (you don’t have to put it over heat, but I do this because I’m impatient and want the sugar to dissolve faster and completely). Remove from heat and let cool to warm. Stir in the lemon juice. Stir in the cold water. Add more to taste. I prefer to keep mine on the concentrated side because I like to mix it with seltzer water when I serve it. Serve over ice. Makes about 6-8 cups depending on how dilute you want it.

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Rough sea 23Giovanni Allievi

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"Better reblog this post with ~100 or so links without actually checking if ANY of the links work" said almost 800k people on Tumblr dot com before reblogging a stupid post.

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