Jon you are the only way I can swallow issue pills

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most girls: hair done up really cute, lots of makeup, designer clothes, hipster blog, thigh gap
me: no hair, glasses, scary beard, button up shirts and porkpie hat, cooks meth to provide for my family. i am the danger. i am the one who knocks
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Jon Stewart and Matt Taibbi discuss the different treatment afforded to ‘street’ based drug users and white-collar criminals profiting from the drug trade.


Have u guys seen the wire 

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Hockey player makes kid’s day. [video]

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#tbt to when I saw The Tea Party in ‘12. Excited to be seeing them again in July!

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Game Boy Camera.


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The world can be split into two camps: people that like Neil Young and people that don’t. And the people that don’t are fucking idiots. —Noel Gallagher of Oasis on Neil Young (via foreverneilyoung)
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Michelle Blade

From 366 Days of the Apocalypse


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420 celebrations went down between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. on APRIL 20, 2014 at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada. A peaceful smoke-filled affair, the place was a veritable hotbox when 4:20 p.m. rolled around.


Meanwhile, in Canada….

I didn’t go this year but last year I did, the turnout looked like this it was stellar. Can’t wait for the annual Marijuana March in May!

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Black | Pearl Jam

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I’ve finally realized the difference between loving someone and missing someone. When I loved you, you were the world, your laugh was the only thing that stopped me from shattering and the way you kissed me could stop my heart. I do not love you anymore. But I do miss you. I finally see that there are so many wonderful things in the world, I just wish you were still in mine. I haven’t heard your laugh in a few months and that’s okay, I’ve found other ways to hold myself together, but sometimes it plays in my head and I ache for the way it made me smile. I don’t want to kiss you anymore but on nights when loneliness hits the wall and plunges into my chest, the absence of your lips on mine makes me feel sick. I don’t love you. But I really really miss you. —you don’t have to come back  (via extrasad)
It took a special kind of guts to be a fuck up as a woman, I thought. To say to hell with being the nice girl, the responsible one, the one who makes sure the man takes care of himself and eats properly and doesn’t take too many drugs. To be just as nihilistic and self-destructive as a man, knowing all along that you’ll get crucified for it, because somehow, the world will make everything your fault. He’ll be a martyr, and you’ll be a succubus. He’ll be a genius and you’ll be a groupie, He’ll be a hero, and you’ll be an ugly fat crack whore who deserves to die. —Courtney Love (via fuckedonxanax)

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Emma Watson Dancing with Jimmy Fallon